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About Us What makes us tick!

What is Rune?

Rune Mobile Apps is an independent software development company specialising in mobile application development, mathematics and algorithm design.

Our expertise in mathematics combined with extensive software development experience allows Rune to develop unique software applications.

We have a diverse range of interests and skills including machine learning and AI, puzzles and games and custom algorithm development.

What's in a name?

Our name "Rune" represents the power of symbols, the power of information especially in visual form.

Runes are an ancient form of writing typically carved in stone or wood. They date back to around 150 CE. They were used in Central Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavia.

In visual form, symbols have the power to motivate and inform. In the information age, symbols have great power because they represent information in compact form.

Runes were believed to have magical powers and were used for divination. Some people still believe in the power of runes.

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